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Soul Story

It took about thirty human-years of searching to find each other. “I know you”, exclaimed Nienke when her gaze met Tjoffe’s eyes on a intense soul level. “I am you,” he responded. They have gone through a profound awakening process in order to remember the full truth of their existence (which was more magical than one could ever imagine). In less than a year – yet many lifetimes in other realms – they have accepted their sacred union and divine mission as twinsoul. Now, they are ready to share their story & combine their soul gifts to assist all truth-seekers.


Soul Story

You have been guided here at exactly the right time! The awakening process can be confusing as f*ck, so Tjoffe and Nienke are here to assist you. All is welcome in their deep explorations to remember who you truly are. Welcome to the Truth!

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As twinsoul, they embody one heartone mindone soul, but have two physical bodies. Tjoffe and Nienke share an impressive soul story that goes far beyond what the conditioned mind can comprehend. They are grateful to live in close connection to the world of Spirit and enjoy building bridges between the non-physical realms and the human experience. They have united to assist souls who are in need of healing and divine protection. This highly-intuitive couple combines their psychic gifts with the magical power of sound, movement and vibrations to offer mind-blowing and heart-awakening sessions and inner-journeys. Knock on their door for soul retrievals, energetic healing, trance channeling, reincarnation therapy, spiritual guidance and transformative workshops. By having walked the path of human suffering and experienced the freedom of stepping into the true essence of being, they are known with the full (kundalini) awakening and twinsoul process. As love ambassadors and lightwarriors, Tjoffe and Nienke are here to help you find your inner light, so that you can start to activate your fullest potential and deepest soul truth. All that they offer, serves to unravel and live your Sacred Soul Story.


Tjoffe is born as a natural empath and light- & shadowworker with a deep inner-understanding of the highest truth. Already as a child he knew that he is incarnated on Earth to save the World(s). In society his gifts were often misunderstood which made him decide to walk a non-conventional path. After an extreme kundalini awakening, he was surprised when God asked him if he wanted to embark on his earthly mission. When he accepted, he was immediately given back his psychic powers and soul gifts to share with others. As energy healer, Tjoffe allows spirit to do the work through him in the form of trance channeling. In his sessions he is able to dive into the darkest corners of your subconsciousness to enlighten unloved parts in your system that are in need of transformation.

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Nienke is often described as direct channel for divine messages and embodiment of Spirit. After a sudden kundalini awakening, Nienke was able to use her psychic gifts that were given to her by birth. In order to comprehend what an awakened life meant, she detached from the material life. Nienke works exclusively with the vibrations of light. She accepts, sees, feels, hears and understands the telepathic messages of higher-dimensional beings from all realms. Nienke has stepped out of the matrix to accept her soul purpose as guide for highly-intuitive & highly-sensitive souls. She is experienced in both the incarnation path as well as the reincarnation cycle. Her one-and-only purpose on Earth (and beyond) is to unconditionally love all souls on their journey home: ‘back into the light’.

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing & Soul Re-Alignment

Our energy field expands further than our physical bodies. This means that your energy can be disturbed by many internal & external factors! These sessions unlock & heal energetic blockages in your four bodies (mental, physical, energetic & emotional). You are divinely supported, thanks to a intuitive mix of trance-healing, spirit release, soul retrieval, shadow-work and light channeling.

Energy Reading

Channeled Soul Guidance & Telepathic Spirit Messages

Spirit guides are always with us to keep us safe on our earthly journey. In these light-channeled and telepathic trance-sessions, we’ll re-open your soul memory to unravel hidden messages that are stored in your subconscious. The spirits can help you to remember your purpose on earth; your reincarnation history & your soul home. These sessions are great to reestablish your connection to the Spiritworld & to remember your divine protection.

Inner Journeys

Trans-Formative Innerjourneys & Heart-Opening Workshops

In addition to being spiritual guides, Tjoffe and Nienke are artists, dancers and musicians. They combine their love for ancient rituals with the power of the Arts, to create unique & soul-enriching workshops. A small example of their offerings: magical drum journeys, trance-dance workshops, tantric art explorations, sacred dance journeys, re-connection to spirit gatherings and much more…

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– Soul Guidance –

My session with Nien was mindblowing! It made me understand so much more about myself, about the struggles I’ve had in life and most important, she gave me back ‘faith’. Faith that everything is gonna be alright, that I just have to follow my intuition. How she works is just incredible and it’s hard to express in words, you just have to experience it yourself. But I can’t say enough how grateful I am for what she did for me!

– Vera (The Netherlands) –

– Energetic Healing –

My sessions with Tjoffe have been more than magical. In addition to working with stuck feelings in my emotional body, Tjoffe has touched something else which was bothering me for two years already. I had an accident that resulted in a broken hip, which did not properly heal in the past years and I never understood why. During my first session with Tjoffe (even though I hadn’t named this problem to him beforehand) he felt something was going on in my right hip. He said that he felt “that my hip was disconnected from the rest of my body, so the right solution was to re-connect it”. After this first session and the following ones… the pain disappeared. I feel relieved.

– Chloe (Spain) –

– Energy Healing & Soul Guidance –

Nienke and Tjoffe created a beautiful & safe space to support me into feeling my energy (something that I have been scared of to do on my own). While Tjoffe worked with gentle touch and integrity on my physical body, Nienke was looking into my spiritual realms and guided me with her words to support the journey. Both were beautifully in tune with their work and helped me to relax, so I could go deeper and deeper into my bodies to release what needed to be. The conversation afterwards helped me to understand my energy better and integrate the session into my daily life. I was knocked out that evening & the next day I felt clear, grounded and strong to move forward with more integrity in my body and soul. I feel blessed to know these beautiful beings and thankful that I got the chance to work with them. Their connections to themselves, each other and the other realms is unique, so if you get the change to have a session with them: grab it!

– Saskia (Germany) –

– Inner-Journeys, Energy Healing & Soul Guidance –

There is a field beyond our thoughts and concepts…I found that what my mind makes of reality isn’t necessarily true. In the space held by Nienke and Tjoffe I tapped consciously into this unknown field, allowing it all to unfold by receiving a clear confirmation of what I experienced was true and real, that I am not alone. Being alive in this realm of reality can be very challenging, and for me to be able to walk in my truth, to see the path so I can consciously choose, it is essential to be held in a safe space where I can access the wisdom of spirit – which guides me to a state of freedom I cannot possibly express with words! It requires a high state of presence I have never encountered before. This is what I witnessed in their sessions, workshops and drumjourneys. Through their presence I witnessed myself unfolding and connecting to spirit, to the source, to where I come from, to what I am beyond all thoughts and concepts. It requires continuous work and I am deeply grateful for the tools and connections I was able to receive with their loving support. I am living and loving the light, and at times the darkness that we go through together, in loving unity for humanity to rise to its next level of existence – thank you Nienke, thank you Tjoffe for the love and divine co-creation!

– Katalin (Transylvania) –

– Drumjourney –

I attended Nien’ and Tjoffe’s drum journey, the first one they did together, at the evening of my 26th birthday. I had never been to a drum journey before; I did not even know what it was to be honest.  I expected nothing, truly and really nothing, perhaps some sort of deep meditation to music… Parts of me struggle with the words for what happened that night. Because, it has changed me, it has changed how I look at life: giving me hope for life, and therefore basically saving my life and giving me a way. And what more can I say then that I am extremely grateful. Nien and Tjoffe invited us to go into our own bubble, a safe bubble where nothing could harm me. At one part when Tjoffe’ or Nien’s arm was over me and my nose detected burning sage, I realised that I was breathing, but I could not feel it. It was quite a sensation, the air went out and in though my lungs like the wind but my lungs were not moving. But I felt safe, there was no need to worry. I only felt the drums in me and the smell of the burning sage… After some moments though and quite suddenly my body gasped for air… and it is some time after this that I met my first spirit. When the journey was to its end, I invited the spirits that had stayed to come with me to the other side. After this I wanted to come back to my body on this plane quite fast. Remember that I didn’t know anything about these kind of things before… I didn’t believe in these things also. But there it had come to me, confronted me, and I had felt how they changed and touched my body.  There was no way I could refuse this knowledge, and even though I was afraid that others would say that I was crazy, I knew that I was not. I want to end with telling how beautiful it all was, how beautifully it all came together and how humbly grateful I am for being confronted by the spirits and how happy I am in our new life together. Thank you Nien and Tjoffe. It was the greatest birthday gift that could have been given.

– Elin (Sweden) –


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